Leah Brathwaite

Speaking Engagements



Why book Leah?

As a bestselling author, soulful yoga teacher and motivational spin instructor,  Leah uses authenticity and passion to deeply connect with her audience. Her inspiring message coupled with her energetic and heartfelt delivery give her the unique ability to empower and embolden a female audience like no other.

Her core belief is in the limitless power and possibilities that exist when you connect to your soul and set it free to guide your life. Her own story is a remarkable testament to just what can happen when you choose to LIVE FREE.


Themes and Topics

  • What it means to live free

  • How to tap into the truest part of yourself to uncover the life you are meant to live

  • Creating your purpose

  • How uncovering your story and using your weaknesses can help you access your power

  • HOW you show up determines WHAT shows up

  • How energy works in your life and what you can do to make sure only the best shows up for you

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