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Let me tell you a bit about my journey and how I got to where I am today (get comfy - it’s quite the tale!)



I was born an adventurous, driven, vibrant and independent young girl. From a very young age I had big plans for myself - I wanted to live a big life and make a difference in the world.

Sadly, like most, along the way to adulthood, I got lost. I started to doubt myself and my abilities and grew fearful of pursuing my dreams. I let limiting beliefs get the better of me and settled for a life of practicality over passion.

I played it safe for years trying to avoid failure. I chose a well paying profession that ‘made sense’ and allowed me to buy pretty things, a home and travel. I had a husband, dog and fancy car. I checked off the boxes on the imaginary list programmed in my mind. I booked up my calendar with social events and other ‘happy distractions’.

In a nutshell, I filled my life with all the things I thought I needed to do and have in order to be ‘successful’ and feel important and happy.

But these things didn’t bring joy to my life. In fact, they really just kept me too busy to pay attention to the  growing sense of unease and ever-present longing for more depth and meaning that was bubbling under the surface. I thought I had created my dream life but suddenly it was beginning to feel like I was trapped in a nightmare of my own design. No matter how good things looked on the outside, they could no longer cover up what I was experiencing on the inside ...

My soul felt empty, I was suffering from constant anxiety and I feared that my life was spiralling out of my control. To make things worse, I lost my career and the low level discontent that had been present for years deepened into depression. It was then that I realized that everything I’d intricately crafted to try to find happiness wasn’t working. When cracks in the veneer of life started to appear, I saw a complete and utter discord between what truly made me happy and what I’d ‘manufactured’ in my life to make me happy. I felt shocked, lost, confused and really scared. But more than that, I felt desperate to feel different. I feared what would come of me if the way I was feeling didn’t change, so I decided to do something about it.

I started to invest some of the time, energy and resources I had poured into what I now see where the wrong areas of my life, into the one thing I’d forgotten to pay attention to - MYSELF!

Leah Brathwaite | Events Speaking Online Programs

The more I learned about myself and reconnected to what truly lit me up from the inside out, the lighter I felt and the more joy I experienced.

I enrolled into my first yoga teacher training, started meditating and found my first coach who helped me unlock my childhood aspirations. My adventurous spirit re-awakened and so did my desire to live a big life and make a difference in the world.

The more I turned inward, deepened my spiritual practice and worked with transformational coaches like Tony Robbins, Mark Groves, Angela Lauria and Shelli Varela, the more my life evolved past my wildest dreams. Now my life felt good which I learned, is far more important than it looking good. I finally felt connected to myself, aligned with my purpose and knew what I wanted and needed to truly feel happy and fulfilled.

Let me tell you though, it wasn’t an easy breezy walk in the park. There was a lot of fear, self doubt and trial and error. I stumbled, fell and dusted myself off for many years as I tried to forge a path towards a new way of living. My relationships transformed, I changed careers and moved to a new city. And as scary as all these changes were, they unfolded with a deep knowing within myself that they were right and that they had to happen if I were to find the deep sense of fulfilment and purpose that I was seeking. I’m happy to say that today, I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

At any moment you choose, you can start living the life you imagine for yourself. That’s right - that big, amazing, sometimes scary vision you have for your life can be your reality.


I wouldn’t trade any of those dark days for the world because they taught me some of my best lessons. They gifted me not only resilience, but also empathy, compassion and a deep understanding of what it takes and means to truly transform your life and find freedom. In fact, it’s my journey that led me to you.

I’ve distilled all those years of struggle, hard earned lessons, hundreds of hours of trainings and tens of thousands of dollars invested in some of the best coaches and mentors on the planet into a powerful and transformative program called the LIVE FREE Lifestyle which you can read about below.

I know what it’s like to fear the change you know deep down you need to make and to take action, but I also know that it’s far harder to live a lie, than a life that fills you to the brim with purpose, joy and freedom. When you connect to the truest part of your soul, set it free and allow it to guide your way, you light up the world with your presence and live your best life. That’s why I’ve dedicated my work and my heart to helping women tune back into themselves. It’s my mission and I believe the reason I was put on this planet and endured what I did - to help you reconnect to your true self and a well of content deeper than you ever thought possible.

It’s totally possible to start your journey anxious, scared and uncertain (in fact that’s exactly where the most powerful transformations begin!) and end up feeling confident, connected and in full control of your destiny. I know because I’m proof of it.

Leah Brathwaite | Events Speaking Online Programs

It starts with the decision to choose yourself.

It starts with the decision to be courageous.

It starts with the decision to say a big ‘YES’ to freedom and living from your soul.

The life of your dreams is already inside of you, and it’s waiting for you to set it free.


Are you ready to make a change?

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